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What Makes Medicinal Mushrooms So Powderful?

Medicinal mushrooms bring real excitement to the world of supplements. They’re rich in nutrients and valued for compounds like Beta-glucans, Terpenoids, and Ergothioneine.

Beta-glucans, powerful polysaccharides, bolster the immune response against infections and show anti-tumor properties. Teaming up with terpenes, they protect the liver, reduce inflammation, and modulate histamine.

Terpenes, found abundantly in medicinal mushrooms like reishi, boast therapeutic benefits against various illnesses, including viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, as well as neurodegenerative and immune diseases.

Ergothioneine, another vital compound in these mushrooms, fights body-wide inflammation, guarding against diseases like dementia, diabetes, and cancer. It’s a cell protector, shielding against oxidative stress and lowering cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular issues.

Here are the most popular medicinal mushrooms:

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