Real Mushrooms Review

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Real Mushrooms Review 2024 *Last updated on Jan 12th, 2024* In today’s Real Mushrooms review, we’ll be putting one of the most popular medicinal mushroom brands of all time through its paces. This incredible brand has over 40 years of mushroom growing experience behind it, was among the first to introduce mushroom extracts to the … Read more

Ganoderma tsugae

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Ganoderma Tsugae: Look-Alikes, Identification, And More Ganoderma tsugae, like G. lucidum, is believed to have medicinal properties, especially in healing skin wounds. Scientists use phylogenetic analysis to distinguish closely related Ganoderma species, but they’re still debating which ones offer the most medicinal benefits. Variations within a species, its growth environment, the substrate it thrives on, … Read more